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About Us

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Hanora Medical Center Fayetteville North Carolina was founded in the year 2010 by Dr. Benjamin Chigbo Udoh.  It is an Urgent Care/Primary Care Clinic that takes care of the medical needs of all patients in general and adolescents, adults and geriatric patient populations in particular. The Medical Center was named after Dr. Udoh’s retired teacher parents – Harold and Nora Udoh as an honor and respect for their contributions in his upbringing, education and character as well as their contributions in the training of many others they encountered during their careers that spanned decades. 

Hanora Medical Center is located at 2620 Owen Drive Fayetteville, North Carolina, 28306.  We currently accept new patients. 

At Hanora Medical Center, we offer evidence based Urgent Care and Primary Care Internal Medicine Services to our vast and diverse population.  Our Clinical Staff of Registered Nurse and Medical Assistants are courteous and professional in taking care of all our patients.

We offer ancillary services on site and these include but not limited to laboratory testing, EKG, spirometry, and many more.  We conduct age appropriate annual physical examination for different age groups.

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